Apparel, 2015
Polka suits. With a range of possibilities from the brand’s name (13 TREZE) which is actually a number, a deck of cards are intended to represent the gambling’s games. The idea of using suits instead of circles to form a polka pattern but with alternating positions and colors feels like of a starry sky. The pleasing result gave rise to sweaters, t-shirts and accessories with the artwork and was a hit with the public.

  1. Details of the printed white artwork.
  2. Details of the printed black artwork.
  3. Photo of the final white hoodie.
  4. Photo of the final black hoodie.
  5. Photo of the final t-shirts in 3 colorways.
  6. Photo of the final tank tops in 3 colorways.
  7. Photo of the final white snapback.
  8. Photo of the final black snapback.
  9. Lookbook photo.
  10. Lookbook photo.
  11. Suits graphics.
  12. The final white artwork.
  13. The final black artwork.

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