Liquid Camo®

Apparel, 2017
A camo made of latex. Iconic camouflage artwork by 13 TREZE. In the search for elements of the brand’s universe to create a camouflage print from scratch, the stains made with latex paint, an ink commonly used in graffiti, came to life. The name “Liquid Camo” is a trademark by 13 TREZE. Initially created in 3 tones, the artwork gained a monochromatic version which was used on several pieces such as hoodies, t-shirts and caps.

  1. Final Hoodie photo.
  2. Lookbook photo of the hoodie.
  3. Editorial photo.
  4. Editorial photo shoot.
  5. Editorial photo shoot.
  6. Editorial photo shoot.
  7. Final Dad hat photo.
  8. Editorial photo.
  9. Stains made in papers.
  10. Composition steps.
  11. Final composition with 3 colors.
  12. Monochromatic composition.
  13. Hoodie design.
  14. T-shirt design.
  15. T-shirt design.
  16. Dad hat design.

More Work