Apparel, 2014
The classic. A striking view of a slum in the city of São Paulo gave rise to the Favela print — one of the strongest artworks of the brand, not only visually but also for the representation of the Brazilian favelas. The photo taken in the north of the capital city São Paulo and printed in B&W, results in a classic that carries the origin and daily life of 13 TREZE.

  1. Photo of the final long sleeve t-shirts.
  2. Lookbook photos of the t-shirt.
  3. Lookbook photos of the tank tops.
  4. Favela’s pin, sticker and snapback.
  5. DJ Nyack wearing the long sleeve t-shirt.
  6. Rashid wearing the long sleeve t-shir.
  7. Vision of the São Paulo’s downtown.
  8. The original photo of the artwork.
  9. The final artwork.

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