Raincoat/Apparel, 2017
A honest raincoat. A simple and functional raincoat for the "land of drizzle", as the city of São Paulo is known. The simplicity is also in the artwork that takes the company’s legal name and registration number — mandatory information and only found on the labels — demonstrating transparency and honesty of the company that has 'Design' in its name. The artwork also gave rise to t-shirts with the same back cutouts.

  1. Photo of the final Raincoat.
  2. Still photography of details.
  3. Still photography of details.
  4. Still photography of details.
  5. Lookbook photos.
  6. Photo of the final t-shirt.
  7. Photo of the finals t-shirts.
  8. Editorial photo shoot.
  9. Editorial photo shoot.
  10. Editorial photo shoot.
  11. Company’s Raincoat design.
  12. Raincoat details specs.
  13. Raincoat measures specs.
  14. The artwork specs.
  15. Company’s t-shirts design.

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