Black Roses

Apparel line, 2013
The elegance of roses. Inspired by romantic-dramatic neologism by discoloring roses giving a somber tone to the red, the series sounds gangsta and at the same time refined. The artworks were created from photographs, later edited and applied through a silk-screen. Different items of clothing and accessories were developed, as well as a limited edition of silk-screen prints.

  1. Roses Fullprint hoodie in 2 colorways.
  2. Roses Fullprint t-shirt in 3 colorways.
  3. Three Roses t-shirt in 3 colorways.
  4. 13 Roses t-shirt in 3 colorways.
  5. Roses Fullprint white snapback.
  6. Roses Fullprint grey snapback.
  7. Roses Fullprint black snapback.
  8. Editorial photoshoot.
  9. Emicida and Neymar wearing the collection.
  10. Photoshoot for creation of the artwork.
  11. Roses Fullprint artwork.
  12. Three Roses artwork.
  13. 13 Roses artwork.
  14. Production steps. Watch the full video here.

More Work