Balloon Series

Apparel Line, 2016
A 12 meters balloon with a 14x18 meters flag. As a tribute to 13 TREZE, local balloon makers made a balloon and flag with the brand’s logos. The release was recorded and the images transformed into a limited series with 3 artworks. All the pieces were printed by silk-screen, highlighting the full print piece, printed after the t-shirt was sewed, generating random spots on the shirt’s collar.

  1. Balloon Photo and Balloons Fullprint t-shirts.
  2. Balloon Flag t-shirt.
  3. The Balloon Photo t-shirt lookbook photo.
  4. The Balloon Flag t-shirt lookbook photo.
  5. The Balloons Fullprint t-shirt lookbook photo.
  6. Photo of the full balloon.
  7. Photo filling the ballon.
  8. The Balloon rising.
  9. The 14x18 meters flag.
  10. The Balloon and the flag in the sky.

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