América do Sul

Apparel, 2016
The day-to-day life in São Paulo. Rooted in the outskirts of São Paulo — one of the largest cities in South America, the brand 13 TREZE clearly portrays South American daily life. In 2016 the Brazilian photographer Ênio Cesar did an editorial portraying this day-to-day, the photos were used in the design of this piece, in addition letterings inspired by 'pixação' (an original handwriting style from streets of the city) of São Paulo to finish up the artwork.

  1. “South America” t-shirt, front and coast.
  2. South America tank top, front and coast.
  3. Details of the South America t-shirt, where it's possible to see the print over the side seam.
  4. Editorial photoshoot by Ênio Cesar.
  5. Selected photo to compose the artwork.
  6. Selected photos to compose the artwork.
  7. Lettering inspired by the pixação of São Paulo, made to compose the artwork.

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