Company/Business, 2013—2018
From side-project to a streetwear brand. Rooted in the outskirts of the city of São Paulo, with the mission of "Dressing and inspiring citizens who live in big metropolises." 13 TREZE® became a reference in the streetwear scene in the country, carrying in its essence the culture and values of the Brazilian favelas. Inspired by the daily life of the city's outskirts, the tone of voice and the visual language translate representativeness and pride for all those who wear the brand. The brand’s name comes from the slang “13” used in São Paulo to describe a crazy(awesome) person. In five years of dedication, there was many accomplishments and learning throughout the establishment of 13 TREZE®. The application of knowledge in design and business has boosted the growth of a personal project into a brand with physical and online stores with nationwide outreach and recognition.

  1. The principal logo.
  2. The lines behind the logo.
  3. Alternate and secondary logos.
  4. Project of the first store.
  5. Front of the store.
  6. Inside the store.
  7. Inside the store.
  8. Custom bags.
  9. Business card and tags.
  10. Editorial photoshoot by Ênio Cesar.
  11. Photoshoot, Real Brazilian t-shirt.
  12. Photoshoot, striped t-shirts.
  13. Ad poster of São Paulo’s zones series.
  14. T-shirt edition of Brazil in World Cup 2014.
  15. Cutouts special edition t-shirts.
  16. Classic logo t-shirts in several colorways.
  17. Favela t-shirt in 2 colorways.
  18. Falodase t-shirt in 2 colorways.
  19. Paisley t-shirt in 2 colorways.
  20. Bands crewneck sweatshirt in 2 colorways.
  21. Classic logo hoodie in 4 colorways.
  22. Summer 2016 lookbook.
  23. Summer 2016 lookbook.
  24. Summer 2017 lookbook.
  25. Summer 2017 lookbook.
  26. Summer 2017 lookbook.
  27. The stores’ t-shirts.
  28. Mozaic t-shirt in 2 colorways.
  29. Still photo of the Label Shirt.
  30. Original Shoulder Bag in 2 colorways.
  31. Firmeza wallets.
  32. Seesaw board shorts in 2 colorways.
  33. Base swim trunk grey and black.
  34. Base swim trunk blue and green.
  35. Classic logo slide sandal in 2 colorways.

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