13 Official Team

Jersey Design, 2016
Brazilians’ greatest passion. Globally known as the country of soccer, in Brazil the Brazilians are born to love soccer. As a genuine Brazilian brand, the sport could not be forgotten. The t-shirts represent the 'official team' of 13 TREZE, the first t-shirt is a Home kit and the second Training kit. Some t-shirts have been personalized and delivered to family, friends and idols such as Neymar, Emicida, Mano Brown, Gabriel Jesus among others.

  1. Photo of the final home kit jersey.
  2. Photo of the final training kit jersey.
  3. Release party photo.
  4. Release party photo.
  5. Release party photo.
  6. Home kit jersey’s design.
  7. Frontal artwork.
  8. Artwork for the back.
  9. Custom artworks for the back.
  10. Patterns and specs for print.
  11. Training kit jersey’s design.
  12. Artwork for training kit jersey.

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